As fast as your Internet connection could be, it will do no good to access internet content material in case the remote server has bad online connectivity or if its network card has small capacity and is unable to handle all the incoming and outbound site traffic. In the event that you have your own hosting machine, this could drastically affect the user experience of your website visitors and if they are unable to open your website because of capacity issues or the internet pages load slowly, they will most probably close the site and it is quite possible that they will never return. In this light, when you get a new server, it's very important to check out not only the most obvious attributes including hard drive, monthly traffic quota, central processing unit speed and physical memory, but also the bandwidth plus the network card as to ensure that even in the event of serious traffic to and from the server, your site visitors will not experience connection-related problems.

Server Network Hardware in Dedicated Web Hosting

If you host your internet sites and programs on a dedicated server from our company, you will not only get potent hardware that can handle incredible load, but you shall enjoy very fast access speed to your content material. All servers come with gigabit network cards and the internal network in our data center in downtown Chicago is constructed with the most up-to-date equipment to be sure that there will not be any troubles even if lots of people access your websites and generate a lot of inbound and outgoing traffic. We use multi-gigabit fiber routes, which means that the loading speed of your internet site will depend exclusively on the Internet connection of your visitors considering the fact that we've done everything conceivable to provide an infrastructure that allows you to get the most of your dedicated server package. Using our services you will never have to be worried about any interruptions or slow loading speeds of any website.